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Spelling at Highfield

In our infant department, children learn to spell using the skills and knowledge they have gained through their daily RWI Phonics sessions.  We believe this is an effective and structured approach that focuses on phonics, decoding and spelling.  Our children learn through:

  • Phonics-based Instruction: RWI emphasises phonics instruction, teaching children the relationship between sounds and letters. Through systematic phonics lessons, children learn to recognise letter-sound correspondences and apply this knowledge to spell words accurately.
  • Speed Sounds: RWI introduces children to "Speed Sounds," which are the individual sounds (phonemes) represented by letters or letter combinations. Children learn to recognise and pronounce these sounds fluently, laying the foundation for spelling words phonetically.
  • Word Building: RWI incorporates word building activities where children blend sounds together to form words. Children practice segmenting words into individual sounds and then blending the sounds to spell words. This process helps children understand the structure of words and develop spelling skills.
  • Red Words: RWI introduces "Red Words," also known as high-frequency words or sight words, which are not easily decodable using phonics rules. Children learn to recognise these words by sight and spell them accurately, reinforcing spellings through repetition and practice.
  • Spelling Activities: RWI provides engaging spelling activities and games that reinforce phonics concepts and spelling rules. These activities make learning spellings enjoyable and interactive, while providing opportunities for children to apply their knowledge in a variety of contexts.


In the Junior Department, we are committed to providing our children with a solid foundation in spelling through engaging learning, interactive activities and regular assessment.   

  • Teaching Spelling Rules: Children learn through the exploration of essential spelling rules and patterns using a variety of instructional strategies, including direct instruction, mnemonics and visual aids.
  • Embedding Spelling Activities Throughout the Week: We believe in the power of consistent practice to reinforce spelling skills. That's why we embed spelling activities into our daily routine, whether it's through word games, writing exercises or collaborative spelling challenges, our children have ample opportunities to apply spelling rules in different contexts throughout the week.
  • Interactive and Engaging Learning: Learning spellings doesn't have to be dull! We strive to make spelling learning interactive and fun for our children.
  • Weekly Spelling Tests: To assess our pupil’s spelling progress and provide feedback, we conduct weekly spelling tests every Friday. These tests serve as a checkpoint for children to demonstrate their understanding of spelling rules and patterns learnt throughout the week.
  • Individualised Support: We understand that every child learns at their own pace. That's why we provide individualised support and differentiation to meet the diverse needs of our learners.  Our teachers offer additional assistance, resources and enrichment activities to support children who may need extra help.
  • Celebrating Progress and Achievement: We celebrate our pupil’s spelling success and growth. Whether it's mastering a challenging spelling rule or achieving a personal best on a spelling test, every achievement is recognised and celebrated.