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Our Ethos

The Vision of our school 

Highfield CE Primary School in Southampton given 'good' Ofsted rating |  Daily Echo

Through our core Christian values of love, serve and trust, we aim to create an environment where every child is nurtured, respected and empowered to make a  positive difference to themselves and others.

Children at Highfield feel inspired, supported and celebrated. We aim to build individuals who will thrive and flourish and recognise the relevance of our school core values in their everyday lives.

Our core Christian values are LOVE, SERVE AND TRUST

Love is a core value that each of us embrace at Highfield Primary School. We aspire to reflect God’s love for the world. In 1 Corinthians 13:4, the Bible tells us that love is patient and kind. We show love to one another through acts of kindness and respect. We encourage others with kind words and actions. We celebrate and enjoy our differences, building mutually respectful relationships.

We let our love shine every day.

Serve is a core value because we are called to help serve one another, as Jesus did in his life. In Philippians 2:4, Paul tells us: “Look out for one another’s interests and not just your own.” At Highfield, we serve each other by displaying generosity and kindness in our learning and in our time together. We serve our wider community through active engagement in charitable acts and being inspired by the example of others.

We believe in giving others a ‘helping hand’ so we can all feel successful and supported.

Trust is a core value for our church school. Through the story of Jesus calming the storm, the disciples learnt that the storm would pass and they would be safe if they trusted in Him. We show trust by learning to trust ourselves to make wise decisions. These decisions benefit not just ourselves, but others around us. We look to others we can trust to guide and support us in our journey, whatever it may bring.

We show trust in each other through open hearts and open minds.
Highfield CE Primary school is a happy school rooted firmly in Christian principles with a family feel based on excellent interpersonal relationships. A school where the core values of Love, Serve and Trust are interwoven into it’s daily life. These are reflected in our school prayer:

In darkness and in light

In trouble and in Joy

Help us Heavenly father

To serve your purpose, trust your love and praise your name

Through Jesus Christ our Lord