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A Magical Return to School

We're thrilled to share the magical moments of our Year 5/6 Harry Potter Day, where our young wizards and witches immersed themselves in a day of enchantment and adventure!

From the heart-pounding matches of Quidditch to the captivating artistry of potion-making, the children delved into the wizarding world with enthusiasm. Crafting their very own wands allowed for creativity to soar, while the creation of Howlers added a touch of excitement. The Sorting Hat Quiz brought a sense of anticipation as each child discovered the Hogwarts house they would belong to. After watching some highlights from the International Quidditch World Cup, they went into the hall to practise their broom flying and snitch catching! The day was brimming with laughter, creativity, and a true celebration of the beloved Harry Potter universe. We're proud of our children for embracing the magic and showcasing their imaginative spirits during this spellbinding event.