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Recent Learning In Year 5/6

We've been back at school for a few weeks now, and we've all been busy with los of new learning!

Year 6 Maths

In Year 6, the children have been learning about multiplying fractions. It is something new that they had not seen before, and it was fantastic to see the links they were making with fractions, decimals and multiplication. The children began by using paper to find that when we multiply fractions, our denominator changes, which makes our fraction smaller. We then looked at what this looked like using bar models and found out the reasons why our answers were getting smaller...when usually with multiplication they get larger! All the children were incredibly reflective and reciprocal, and demonstrated a fantastic understanding of why we can multiply our numerators and multiply our denominators to solve the problems quickly! 

Year 5/6 PE

In PE this half term, the Year 5/6s have been looking at interpretive dance! The children have been in small groups putting together performances that tell the story of Hanuman. It's been fantastic to see the range of vocabulary that the children are using to describe the performances, and their really creative ideas! 

Year 5 dictation

On a Thursday morning, the children in Year 5 have been working on their dictation skills with Mr Lewis! They have been learning about what dictation is and how it links to our writing journey. Each week, the children get to try a small dictation task which works on their spellings, punctuation and handwriting. The children this week were tasked with copying down a paragraph of dictated text, but changing the nouns to create a funny and engaging paragraph - the results were great! 


The children were listening to a piece of music by Hans Zimmer called 'Earth'. They had to reflect upon what images the music portrayed and re-create these using mixed media. It was fantastic to see their final pieces!