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Year 1/2


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  • Culture Week

    Published 07/02/24, by Georgia Collins

    The children travelled around the world this week exploring different cultures!

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  • Scientists!

    Published 29/01/24, by Georgia Collins

    The children have been scientists and set up their own investigation!

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  • Outdoor learning!

    Published 09/01/24, by Georgia Collins

    To inspire children in their literacy writing, we spent a morning outside doing camping activities that the main character does in their class book 'Kitty and the wildcat'.

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  • KS1 performance

    Published 08/12/23, by Georgia Collins

    An incredible Christmas performance by the children in year 1/2!

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  • Evacuation Day

    Published 29/11/23, by Georgia Collins

    The children in year 1/2 looked amazing in their evacuee outfits!

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  • Visit from Jack Frost

    Published 15/11/23, by Georgia Collins

    On Monday morning, the children came into school to see that they had had a visitor who had made his way into the school. He had left behind him snowflakes and icicles! He had even caught the teachers and made them freezing cold! The children realised the visitor must have been Jack Frost and he had left behind a story. The children were excited to read the story of Winter's Child and do some more learning about it in their literacy!

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  • Sketching

    Published 06/11/23, by Georgia Collins

    In art this term, year 1/2 are focusing on developing their sketching and drawing skills. They have been working really hard on their concentration skills and paying attention to detail. This week they were practising different shading techniques.

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  • DT Vegetable tasting!

    Published 27/09/23, by Charlotte Ellis
    In DT the children in year 1/2 tried lots of different vegetables this week! This is in preparation for them designing and making their own vegetable salad. The vegetables they tasted were: beetroot, spring onion, celery, carrot and sugar snap p
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  • Wonderful WOW day

    Published 20/09/23, by Charlotte Ellis

    KS1 WOW day for Traditional Tales

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  • End of Ks1 plants topic

    Published 27/06/23, by emily bryant

    Today KS1 came to the end of their science topic on plants.

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  • Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

    Published 13/06/23, by emily bryant

    Beach literacy KS1

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  • Goodbye Butterflies!

    Published 23/05/23, by emily bryant

    The butterflies need to complete their lifecycle and lay their own eggs now...

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