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Year 1/2


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  • Music concert!

    Published 20/06/24, by Georgia Collins

    Year 2 music!

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  • Phonics!

    Published 13/06/24, by Georgia Collins

    Year 1 phonics practise!

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  • Narrative writing!

    Published 17/05/24, by Georgia Collins

    'The dark' by Lemony Snicket

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  • Science museum!

    Published 25/04/24, by Georgia Collins

    Year 1/2 had the most exciting time on their trip to the Winchester Science Museum!

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  • Cartography Crazy!

    Published 16/04/24, by Georgia Collins

    Year 1/2 have been reading maps to locate Mumbai and Southampton in the world!

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  • Great Fire of London!

    Published 21/03/24, by Georgia Collins

    To conclude the children's learning on the Great Fire of London, KS1 re-enacted the event!

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  • Sublime Science

    Published 05/03/24, by Georgia Collins

    What a treat today was for year 1/2/! They witnessed some incredibly exciting experiments.

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  • Culture Week

    Published 07/02/24, by Georgia Collins

    The children travelled around the world this week exploring different cultures!

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  • Scientists!

    Published 29/01/24, by Georgia Collins

    The children have been scientists and set up their own investigation!

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  • Outdoor learning!

    Published 09/01/24, by Georgia Collins

    To inspire children in their literacy writing, we spent a morning outside doing camping activities that the main character does in their class book 'Kitty and the wildcat'.

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  • KS1 performance

    Published 08/12/23, by Georgia Collins

    An incredible Christmas performance by the children in year 1/2!

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  • Evacuation Day

    Published 29/11/23, by Georgia Collins

    The children in year 1/2 looked amazing in their evacuee outfits!

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