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Longdown Dairy Farm

We went on a trip to Longdown Dairy Farm!

After learning about lots of different animals, the children took a trip to the farm.  Before our visit, the children wrote about which animals they were looking forward to seeing and why.

At the farm, the children were able to meet lots of different animals.  They even got to hold chicks, stroke some guinea pigs, feed some adult goats and give milk to baby goats too!  The children remembered the golden goals and were respectful to both the farmers and the animals.  

We also got to have a go on the tractor which was as fun as it was bumpy!

"I loved seeing the cows because they were so big!  Farmer Brian let us see their calf"

"The tractor ride was so bumpy that I nearly lost my hat!"

"I carefully carried my egg back to the shop.  The chicken laid it earlier."