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Shrove Tuesday

On Shrove Tuesday, the children enjoyed lots of pancakes!

The children learnt about why we have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.  They then learnt about which ingredients go into pancakes and how to mix them together to make the pancake batter.  We then went and watched Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Stafford cook and flip some in the chestnut room!  The children talked about following the golden goal of 'being safe' and staying away from the very hot pans and stove. 

"The pancake got so high, it nearly touched the ceiling"

"It smelt really nice, it made me very hungry"

We then went back to the classroom to decorate and eat the pancakes.  

"I love the chocolate on top"  "I had strawberry, it was so sweet"

"I had chocolate sauce and lemon and sugar too!  It was good and a bit sticky"