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Lunar New Year celebrations

The children in Year R loved celebrating the Lunar New Year together.

The children learnt all about the story of the making of the Lunar New Year.  They loved hearing about the animals in the race and especially loved hearing how kind the dragon was to help his friends; they even linked it to our BLP animals and said he was being the Recipricol Raccoon! 

Some children told us what they had done to celebrate, such as, having lots of food, seeing the dance performances in town and seeing their friends.  Mrs Yeung told us about the celebrations she had with her friends and family and the lovely food they had eaten!

We also watched some videos of dragon dancing across the world and took inspiration to make a huge dragon head which they later danced under.

The children also created some lanterns, decorated rabbits (for Year of the Rabbit) and did some lovely Lunar New Year colourings.