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Ice predictions

As the weather gets colder, we looked at what happens to frozen water!

We chose a number of items to go inside a jug of water and the children predicted what they thought would happen to it all once it went into the freezer.  We had lots of good predictions and the children decided that the water, and everything in it, would freeze.

The next day, we very excitedly were able to look at the ice.  The children talked about the temperature of the ice and the different ways in which we could get the items out; melting the ice with something hot, using a hammer, strong hands and even using a giant spoon!  We then had a chat about what would work best out of those...

 We also looked at the different sizes and the children predicted that the larger one would take longer to melt because it was bigger.  

Over the day, the children watched as they both melted, and the items began to be freed from the freeze!