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'One more try'

This week we read the story 'One more try'.  In the story, circle tries to make a tower but realises that he can't. 

We talked a lot about sides and corners and looked at the different amounts which shapes have. The children noticed that this is because the circle has one round side, which meant he was unable to be in the tower. The children also noticed that some shapes do have flat sides, but, they are still unable to stack (for example, triangles and diamonds).  Some children gave
fantastic explanations for these:

"The triangle can't be in the tower. It has flat sides, but it's just pointy at the top.  The circle will just fall!"

The children noticed differences between 'big 3D shapes' and 'flat 2D shapes' and were able to copy circle in the story and lie some of the 2D shapes flat in order to stack them.