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Culture week - Irish and Celtic culture

For Culture week, the children in Reception have been visiting different classes to learn about different cultures.

The children enjoyed a visit to Willow Base to learn all about Irish and Celtic culture.  They enjoyed wearing a traditional Irish dancing dress and try out their newly learnt moves whilst wearing it.  

They really loved playing different musical instruments (the fiddle, bodhrán drum and the accordion).  The children were especially interested in how the bodhrán was played.   They noticed that it was played differently compared to the drums they are more familiar with and they were all Resilient Rhinos when trying to use the stick correctly.

The children also learnt about different Irish sports, such as GAA football and Hurley.  The children had a go at carefully balancing balls on a hurley stick whilst walking.  Very tricky!  

We looked at shamrocks and the meaning behind them and the children had a go at making these and a Trinity Knot.