Treasure hunts and under the sea


This week year R have started learning about what lives under the sea and pirates. We have been on a pirate adventure- reading clues and finding treasure hidden around the school. We have also written lists of under the sea animals and written a setting description of a desert island. Next week we will be making mermaid necklaces with complex patterns and sharing shells between sea creatures. … [Read more...]

Year 6 Bug Hotels!


This week, Asia have been learning about insects! We identified the main features of insects (such as their head, thorax, abdomen and antennae) and went outside with pooters to see what minibeasts we could find in the school grounds. On Tuesday morning, we went out again and built bug hotels! Working in groups of ten, we put together brick and wooden frames, then filled the gaps with bamboo … [Read more...]

Bug Hotels


This week we are having great fun providing homes for the insects of Highfield Primary’s grounds! As part of our science and literacy topic on insects we have been recycling materials into bug hotels. The playground and field now have four areas which will provide a safe haven for bugs from thundering feet! This has complemented our science topic on the life cycle of insects and has also … [Read more...]

Clever Co-ordinates!


Today the children did some fantastic co-ordinates learning. They were so good we had to extend the learning to include the whole classroom! Everyone got involved working out the positions of the objects on the carpet, then trying to work out the co-ordinates of their special spaces :) Great maths learning Ash Base … [Read more...]