A sophisticated argument!


This afternoon in Europe class, we had a big class discussion all about the myth we have been studying for the past few weeks in R.E, Persephone and the Seasons. The aim of the lesson was to see if we could agree who was at fault for Persephone needing to spend six months of the year with Hades in the Underworld, and six month of the year with her mother Demeter. Some argued that it was Hades who … [Read more...]

Recycling day


Today we learnt all about recycling and looking after the environment. The children made posters and flyers and even sorted out all the rubbish in the class recycling centre to promote awareness of the environment! Good job Oak Base … [Read more...]

Finding all possibilities


In Year 6 this week, we have been getting our systematic thinking caps on!  Working in a logical and methodical way, we have been getting our teeth stuck into some wonderful problems sourced from the brilliant nrich website.   We focused on 'Finding all possibilities' problems, as they require us to work systematically, choosing sensible starting points to ensure that we do not miss any … [Read more...]

The Vikings have Arrived


Australasia have shown great enthusiasm for their new topic - the Vikings.  Their home-learning projects were truly amazing, so thank you parents for your support. We look forward to our end of term topic celebration when we will be burning a Viking boat! On this day, the children will be wearing their costumes again, so please keep them safe. … [Read more...]