IT’S (hopefully) COMING HOME!


To get into the spirit of England making it through to the semi-finals of the world cup tonight, we took the time today to make our very own England waist coats in support of Gareth Southgate! We then had the whole school go into the hall to sing 'It's coming home!' to get the children excited for the big game later against Croatia! Throughou the afternoon the children wrote their own diary … [Read more...]

Trip to Portchester castle


Year 3 and 4 explored Portchester castle today and they thoroughly enjoyed climbing the stairs to the top of the tower to view much of Portsmouth! The children took their sketchbooks and drew part of Portchester castle. What a great trip! As always, thank you to our parent helpers for your support today. … [Read more...]



Last week in Willow Base we explored the story of Noah's Ark. Children built their own wooden arks, wrote about the story, made their own ark animals and made their very own animal checklist. Our topic this term is animals, so this helped the children to get excited about it!  We also met our new teachers last week, and everyone was super brave and had lots of fun. What a brave class! During the … [Read more...]

The Water Cycle


For the past few weeks, Asia class have been learning in depth about the water cycle. Most of us already knew the basic story of water's journey from sea to sky to land, but we found out this year that it's actually a lot more complicated than that! For example, we learnt that the scientific word for water falling from the clouds to the earth as rain, hail or snow is called precipitation. We … [Read more...]