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An un-BEE-lievable day!


What a great start to the term! Children in Years 3 and 4 started their eco warriors topic with a fascinating talk from Howard the bee keeper. The children learnt about the importance of looking after bees and their significance in pollination. Pupils had a range of experiences during the day - tasting honey, trying on bee suits, seeing a real hive and even recreating a waggle dance! A special … [Read more...]

End of term!


It has been a very busy term here in Europe class, from researching and making guides about famous monuments in Rome, and designing and making our own Roman shields. We also loved learning and making our own Haka dances in P.E. and making a boat in science to find out about forces. We hope everyone has a relaxing, safe and fun half term!   … [Read more...]

Animal afternoon


            Willow and Oak base had an interesting animal afternoon this week and heard about how to look after some different animals. We were visited by a dog, a gecko, a stick insect and some dagus. The children asked some interesting questions and then wrote some facts about them. They were particularly surprised to learn that a dagu has … [Read more...]

Spring Update No.3

Spring Update No.3 … [Read more...]