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The Story of Cereal


The last two weeks in DT, we have been looking at cereal and its history. We have learnt about Kellogg's and its founders, William and John Kellogg, and how an experiment of a new cereal gone wrong led to the invention of cornflakes and the hundreds of different cereals we know now. Firstly, on the iPads, we looked at a Powerpoint about the history of Kellogg's and how it started out as a heath … [Read more...]

Our Spikey Visitor


On Friday, we were lucky to have Mrs Warren's daughter, Naomi, bring in her pet hedgehog for us. Naomi told us all about hedgehogs and how to look after them. We then had big write and some of the children in Maple chose to write brilliant stories about Hedgie the Hedgehog while others wrote instructions on how to care for them. What a fun morning we all had! … [Read more...]



This week Africa class have been looking at the theme of remembrance and been thinking about those who have died or been affected by war. They have been reflecting on war poetry and its meaning, and each child has created their own war poem. We have also looked in depth at 'In Flanders Field' and worked collaboratively in groups to create moving performances of the poem. … [Read more...]

Remembrance at the Infants


This week the KS1 children have been learning all about Remembrance Day and about why we wear poppies at this time of year. Today the Infants children gathered at the Highfield Church Cenotaph for a minute's silence to remember all those who have fought for peace in our country. … [Read more...]