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Wonderful Willow

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                            Another busy week for Willow Base! We’ve practised putting on aprons, learnt about our ‘Golden Goals’ and met our ‘Building Learning Power’ animals! Willow Base have  also showed some super imagination making train tracks, playing in the mud kitchen and having a car wash! … [Read more...]

What a Super School Start


What a brilliant start to the week for Willow and Oak Base. They have been coming into school with big smiles on their faces and remembering where to put all of their things! Every morning Willow have chosen a ‘busy finger’ activity to complete, practising their fine motor skills. They did very well to focus on these tasks!We learnt about our carpet spaces, and said good morning to everyone … [Read more...]

Art attack


Today we have been exploring colour. We searched the classrooms and worked together like the recriprical racoon to create a huge rainbow art attack in both Willow and Oak base. We also mixed colours like yellow and blue which make green and developed our fine motor by creating tiny collages. The children put their number knowledge to the test and completed a 'colour by number' by adding … [Read more...]

Growth and change


After our trip to the farm the children have been interested in how animals grow. We matched animal babies to their mothers and discussed the names of their young. We now know a baby cow is called a calf and a baby duck is called a duckling. Today we talked about our birthdays, what we need to live and grow and drew around ourselves to see how tall we are. We measured ourselves using rulers … [Read more...]