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We have been enjoying developing our fielding skills in PE. We have been working on readiness, awareness, hand positioning and footwork. The good weather is making us look forward to some competitive rounders matches. … [Read more...]

Year 5/6 Trip


South America avoided the worst of the rain and had a fascinating trip around the different habitats of the common this Monday. We learned to distinguish an amphibian from an amphibious creature, name the three common types of amphibians found in this country and found out how best to look after the common. … [Read more...]

Mexico Day


Mexico Day is in full swing. More to follow... … [Read more...]

Cake Sale!


Thank you to all who came to our cake sale last week. The event was very successful with everything selling out quicker than anticipated - sincere apologies to anyone who was disappointed not to buy a cake. Overall £120 was raised for Naomi House. … [Read more...]