Stand and Deliver

In South America this week, we have been looking at Alfred Noyes' classic poem 'The Highwayman'. After studying the text we have written Diary entries of various Characters in the story. Click on the link below to read this exciting and romantic poem! … [Read more...]

Maya Topic


We began to learn about the Maya civilization this week. One girl in our class impressed us all by bringing in this incredible Lego Mayan temple. Amazing! … [Read more...]

Peer Editing


In literacy this week Year 5 and 6 were helping each other to edit their work. This photo shows two boys, one looking for tenses and the other checking for spelling. The instructions that were written were really interesting and, with a little help from friends, that much more accurate! … [Read more...]

Model T


Our inventions term continued today, when a Model T Ford came to visit. Later this week, we will be researching Henry Ford and writing his biography. … [Read more...]