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Year R’s Got Talent


Last week, Year R held a talent show. The children practiced their talent in the morning and then performed to the rest of Oak and Willow in the afternoon. We had singing, dancing, gymnastics, reading, drawing, skipping and much more! The children all tried so hard and really thought about what they were good at. They cheered for their friends and concentrated beautifully throughout the whole … [Read more...]

Squiggle party!


Today we had a squiggle party and we covered our classroom with lots of paper. We drew on the floor, on the tables, under the tables and on the walls. We used our imagination to draw our favourite things like pizza and princesses and the beach and treehouses. We made stories from our pictures and used photographs of ourselves to play in our stories. We had so much fun!!!!!!! … [Read more...]

Our farm trip


(Written by the children) Yesterday Year R went to the farm. First we fed the pigs, there was a gigantic one. We had to say 'wakey wakey' to wake them up but one fell asleep so we had to try again. Then we had to wash our hands to make sure our hands were clean. Then we went on the tractor and saw bulls and cows. After that we saw ducks and turkeys and chickens. Then we held some chicks, they … [Read more...]

New members of the class


It was very exciting at school today as there were lots of new pupils who had come to visit us. The children loved bringing in their teddies to show the class, it turned out there were lots of teddy birthdays today too! We had fun taking selfies with our teddies ready for the front cover of our teddy books later in the week and we are really looking forward to our teddy picnic on Thursday!! … [Read more...]