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Trip to the Hawthorns Centre

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Today was really exciting as we went to the amazing Hawthorns Center. We learnt all about amphibians and their life cycles from our guide Ian. We looked at the different types of habitat on the common - there are eight in total. Can you answer the following questions (for answers ask a member of Year 5/6): * What is the difference between being amphibious and being an amphibian? *Is a slow … [Read more...]

Bug Hotels


This week we are having great fun providing homes for the insects of Highfield Primary’s grounds! As part of our science and literacy topic on insects we have been recycling materials into bug hotels. The playground and field now have four areas which will provide a safe haven for bugs from thundering feet! This has complemented our science topic on the life cycle of insects and has also … [Read more...]

Mexican Day in North America


It was Mexic0 all the way on Friday March 10th! Throughout the morning, the children sharpened their culinary skills in the kitchen, helping to prepare such Mexican delicacies as guacamole, sour cream, tortillas, salsa and limeade. They had to wait until after lunchtime, to sample their hard work. In North America, Sour Cream was the favoured dip! The children continued with the Mexican … [Read more...]

Easter is a happy time.

In RE our current concept for investigation is ‘suffering’. Today we have been discussing the statement: Easter is a happy time. There are some ways in which we agree with the statement and other ways where we disagree. Below are North America’s thoughts on the statement. There are many reasons as to why people disagree. Firstly, there were many people who suffered: Jesus, the thieves, … [Read more...]