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Greek Mythical Monsters


In North America we have been creating mythical monsters as part of our Greek history topic.  Having read about lots of different mythical beasts in the stories of Theseus and Heracles, it was our turn to get creative and make our own! Firstly, we designed collages of beasts, before then sketching out a plan for how we would turn them into 3D sculptures.  We carefully discussed techniques and … [Read more...]

The first few days…


Welcome to North America’s first class blog of the new academic year! In every entry, we will do a whistle-stop tour of what the class has been up to and what we have been learning. In these first few awesome days of school, we have learnt about the Learning Pit – the pit being a metaphor for challenge. Sometimes, we can just jump over the pit.  However, at other times we fall in and need … [Read more...]

Trip to the Hawthorns Centre

IMG_1975 (1)

Today was really exciting as we went to the amazing Hawthorns Center. We learnt all about amphibians and their life cycles from our guide Ian. We looked at the different types of habitat on the common - there are eight in total. Can you answer the following questions (for answers ask a member of Year 5/6): * What is the difference between being amphibious and being an amphibian? *Is a slow … [Read more...]

Bug Hotels


This week we are having great fun providing homes for the insects of Highfield Primary’s grounds! As part of our science and literacy topic on insects we have been recycling materials into bug hotels. The playground and field now have four areas which will provide a safe haven for bugs from thundering feet! This has complemented our science topic on the life cycle of insects and has also … [Read more...]