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Poetry Slam!


In North America this week we have been diving into the world of poetry! The children have been investigating, reviewing and performing poetry, linked to our Reading Tree poems. At the start of the week, we looked at the famous poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling. Having read this and examined its meaning and themes, we recognised that there were many parallels with BLP (Building Learning Power), … [Read more...]

Explosive start to term!


In North America this week we kickstarted our 'Disaster Strikes!' topic by making our very own volcanoes!  After a brief demonstration, we gathered the necessary equipment and carefully followed each step, taking pictures at each stage. Using our BLP collaboration skills, we worked together to create our very own molten mountains! Then it was time to add the final explosive ingredient: … [Read more...]

Class-led worship leads to improved responsibility!


In Year 5/6 this week, our class-led worship was on the theme of responsibility.  A group from North America dramatised a school situation which highlighted the importance of responsibility.  They then read 'The 3 Servants' passage from the Bible which helped to reinforce this theme, before getting the children to reflect on what responsibility means to them.  We were left with the question: … [Read more...]

MOOT Project


In North America this week we have started our MOOT Projects.  MOOT stands for Managing Our Own Time.  The title for this term's project is 'Inventors/Inventions'.  The aim of MOOT is to help build up our independent learning muscles! In the first few weeks we have to use a variety of resources (including iPads and books) to research about our own chosen area.  During this research time we … [Read more...]