Finding all possibilities


In Year 6 this week, we have been getting our systematic thinking caps on!  Working in a logical and methodical way, we have been getting our teeth stuck into some wonderful problems sourced from the brilliant nrich website.   We focused on 'Finding all possibilities' problems, as they require us to work systematically, choosing sensible starting points to ensure that we do not miss any … [Read more...]

The Highwayman


In North America this week, we have been exploring the poem 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes.  We began by spending a lot of time reading the poem, using our BLP resourcefulness to work out the meaning of many unknown words.  We used our deduction skills, as well as dictionaries and iPads, to help us crack the old English language. After this, we got into groups and took a section of the poem … [Read more...]

Unearthing treasure from the Bible


In North America, we have been learning more about important characters and stories from the Bible.  Our focus for this term is Daniel. Firstly, we discussed what we knew about the character from a piece of artwork based on the famous story from the Bible.  After this, we watched a short animated film that provided a useful interpretation of the story, taking notes about the character along … [Read more...]

Thinking about Responsibility


In North America we have been thinking about the concept of Responsibility in our lives, a theme that was launched as part of our child-led worship.  We first thought about examples of responsibility in the world, then examining responsibility in school.  As a group, we linked the idea to our school values of Love, Serve and Trust.  Children were invited to add their opinions to our Chat Board … [Read more...]