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Wonderful Artwork

roshni and natalia

Maple had a great afternoon creating wonderful artwork using pastels. They closed their eyes and imagined they were looking out a train window with the world zooming past... they thought about what they would see - trees, mountains and forests. They created frames to make them look realistic and even blurred the background. … [Read more...]

Delicious Healthy Snacks


Children in Maple Base had a great time designing, making and eating their own healthy snacks. They thought carefully about flavour combinations and what kind of food would make a healthy snack. They were very pleased with their final results, although the carrot, cucumber and banana kebab had what one child described as having an 'unusual' taste. … [Read more...]

More animals in the classroom…


Maple Base are lucky enough to have Mrs White's pet degu in the classroom for the week. The children are really enjoying finding out about these fascinating creatures as part of their animals topic. … [Read more...]

Pet Day at the Infants


We had some unusual visitors come to the infants today -  Lizards, dogs, hamsters, fish, stick insects and even chickens! The children found out about how to care for each pet and asked the owners questions about their diet and daily needs. The children had an absolutely brilliant day and are thoroughly enjoying their animals topic. A HUGE thank you to all the parents for supporting such a … [Read more...]