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Ancient Egypt

The children have travelled back in time to the year 600BC, written in hieroglyphics, and learnt about key events in history linked to the Ancient Egyptians. Locating Egypt on a map, the children have researched the areas of land use using a variety of media, and enquired into why the Ancient Egyptians lived so close to the River Nile. Literacy has involved non-fiction factual Ancient Egypt … [Read more...]

What cat does that belong to….???

The Lower School's fun linked to their Cat topic this half term continues!!!! Greeted with a series of cat fur patterns, the children used their Resilient Rhino noticing eyes on Monday to try to match the correct cat to the fur....domestic and big cats papered the walls as the challenge began!! The children have also explored the outdoors in search of natural patterns, as well as looking at the … [Read more...]

Rainforest Explorers spotted in the Lower School

A melee of excitement arose as the Lower School entered their classrooms this morning! Rainforest explorers welcomed the children in, and a day of fun exploded! The children have learnt about animal survival in the rainforest linked to shelter, camouflage, and food, on a prestigious 'Explorer Training Programme'. Pending the training outcomes, the afternoon will bring real-life adventure, as we … [Read more...]

Painting the picture #europeareauthors

Painting the picture as a writer demands the most careful of word choices, and a level of cohesion that transports the reader to the world of those words. Europe have been developing this through exploration and writing linked to 'fantasy' this week....in preparation for an underwater adventure in line with our 'Under the Sea' topic in forthcoming weeks. Transporting their reader on a curious walk … [Read more...]