IT’S (hopefully) COMING HOME!


To get into the spirit of England making it through to the semi-finals of the world cup tonight, we took the time today to make our very own England waist coats in support of Gareth Southgate! We then had the whole school go into the hall to sing 'It's coming home!' to get the children excited for the big game later against Croatia! Throughou the afternoon the children wrote their own diary … [Read more...]

Anglo AM!


Year 3/4 were lucky enough to have two very special guests give us an assembly all about Anglo-Saxon life! We were able to look at everyday objects found in the home, clothes, armour and weapons, looking closely at the materials they were made out of, and finding out why that was. Overall, it was a fantastic way to end the Anglo-Saxon topic, having learnt so much in history this term, it was a … [Read more...]

What do trees mean to us?


This afternoon, Europe class took to the sunshine to hang up our work from last term on trees as symbols. We looked at how trees are used as symbols in society today, and explored our own personal perceptions and thoughts of trees within our community. On the leaves, the children wrote what trees mean to them. Their opinions range from the giving of life itself, a place of refuge, and an overall … [Read more...]

Problem solving!


Greeting Europe class this morning were six tables, each with a tricky mathematical problem to solve. The idea of each station was to test the children s knowledge of applying concrete materials to abstract mathematical concepts. It tested the children's knowledge of shape, fractions, bar modelling and the balancing out of equations. There were fantastic discussions, wow moments when the … [Read more...]