A sophisticated argument!


This afternoon in Europe class, we had a big class discussion all about the myth we have been studying for the past few weeks in R.E, Persephone and the Seasons. The aim of the lesson was to see if we could agree who was at fault for Persephone needing to spend six months of the year with Hades in the Underworld, and six month of the year with her mother Demeter. Some argued that it was Hades who … [Read more...]

Ice bucket challenge!

Well done to the Europe class today for getting all your key words correct! As a result, Mr Lewis had a bucket of ice filled water tipped on his head! Excellent job learning these spellings, it shows all the hard work was worth it!IMG_2078 (The reason behind the madness!) Every half term the children have a list of key words that they must learn across that term, these are then tested. If every … [Read more...]

Afternoon French!

This term in French, Europe class have been learning about the names of parts of the body. To help them remember the names, they put them all together in a well known tune! Have a listen, see if you can work out what it is! If you're not too sure, I'm sure your child could give you a live performance at home! IMG_2067 … [Read more...]

It’s always yummy in Philadelphia!


Europe class had a great morning yesterday creating their own sandwiches! In DT this term they have looked to design a signature sandwich based upon a country, then pick their fillings to ensure they used a range of food groups and flavours to create the perfect snack! Despite the fact that the classroom then smelt of tuna and beans for the rest of the day, we had a great morning designing and … [Read more...]