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Drawing elephants!


Europe class had a fantastic afternoon applying their skills shading to show the different textures on an animal. Luckily, we were joined by Mr Lewis' sister, who helped us all with our drawings. She is a self taught artist, so as well as receiving some handy tips to make our pictures look more life like, we also learnt about the importance of practice to improve upon our drawing skills! … [Read more...]

Bee day!


Children in Years 3 and 4 started their eco warriors topic with an educational, fun filled day all about bees! Bees are an amazing part of God's creation and are under threat.The children learnt about the importance of looking after bees and their significance in pollination and for our environment.  They then had a range of experiences during the day – tasting honey, trying on bee suits, … [Read more...]

End of term!


It has been a very busy term here in Europe class, from researching and making guides about famous monuments in Rome, and designing and making our own Roman shields. We also loved learning and making our own Haka dances in P.E. and making a boat in science to find out about forces. We hope everyone has a relaxing, safe and fun half term!   … [Read more...]

Active maths!


In Europe class this week, to help children with understanding and answering worded questions in maths, we took a trip to the school hall for a lesson on active maths! In teams, children had to run up separately to solve worded questions, but each time they ran, they were only looking to focus on one part of their questions. Step 1 was to read the question and understand what operation they had to … [Read more...]