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Active maths!


In Europe class this week, to help children with understanding and answering worded questions in maths, we took a trip to the school hall for a lesson on active maths! In teams, children had to run up separately to solve worded questions, but each time they ran, they were only looking to focus on one part of their questions. Step 1 was to read the question and understand what operation they had to … [Read more...]

Stone Age paintings!


After a fantastic Christmas performance, the children spent the next day creating their very own Stone Age paintings using chalk. Having being learning about the Stone Age as our topic focus this term, Europe class brought together all their knowledge to create their own story, or picture, practicing mixing colours and working on chalk drawing techniques. I'm sure as you can tell from the washing … [Read more...]

Science day!


Yesterday, in year 3/4 we had our second science day of the year all about electricity! In the morning we learnt about how to create simple circuits and label them using the correct symbols, renewable energy sources and how to stay safe around electricity. The afternoon then gave us time for some experimentation, testing a range of circuits, discussing scientific ideas and using the knowledge we … [Read more...]

Cave painting and tidy classrooms!


The start of our new Stone Age topic brought with it a fascination for cave paintings... so we set ourselves the challenges of creating our own! Europe spent the morning at the secret garden collecting natural colourful ingredients, before returning to school to use Stone Age techniques (I'm sure they were just as messy!) to make their own paints. The children then created their own cave … [Read more...]