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Ducks come to Beech Base


We were very excited to have the ducklings in our class this week because we were able to watch them have their very first swim! They loved being in the water and dipped their heads in and flapped their little wings - some of us even got splashed by them! … [Read more...]

Jeffrey comes to school!


Jeffrey meets Beech Base!   Last term, our topic was animals! A member of Beech Base kindly offered to bring in their pet tarantula, who is called Jeffery. This afternoon, Beech Base children found out about how to look after them. This was a rose haired tarantula, and he is only a couple of months old. What an exciting afternoon for Beech Base!   Thank you so much for bringing him! … [Read more...]

DT DAY! Buggy Mania!


  What an exciting day in Beech Base! We’ve designed and created our very own vehicles! We started by using an egg box and gluing on four pegs. This was to hold our pieces of dowel in place, allowing us to attach the wheels. After gluing, we actually used a saw to cut our own pieces of dowel for our buggy. WOW! Next we chose the size of the wheels we wanted to use and attached them. In … [Read more...]

Animal Afternoon!!!


  For our science afternoon we were lucky enough to have lots of different animals visiting us at school. Some of the animals included various breeds of dogs, a hamster, chicken, fish and a gecko. The children were able to ask questions and find out more about what the animals like to eat, how they behave and what they feel like. It was a fun, fact finding afternoon and we were all very … [Read more...]