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A special visit from Dr Diego Altamirano!


Today we were very excited to have our favourite scientist re-visit! Dr Diego from Southampton University told us all about his fascinating research on black holes. We drew pictures of what we knew about stars, the universe, black holes and even who a scientist is before and then after his talk to us. It was very clear to see the impact of our new learning and we thank Diego very much for his time … [Read more...]

Hello little one!


We are very happy to announce a little chick has been born here in our school. We cared for his egg very carefully and now are learning about how to keep him safe, warm and healthy. We are yet to name him but I am sure you'll agree he is adorable. This opportunity has linked really well with not only KS1's Spring has Sprung topic, but also our RE cycle topic of New Life. Please feel free to pop in … [Read more...]

The chicks are coming!

IMG_20180312_210355372 (1)

In KS1 we have been getting eggcited about science with our very own incubator and chicken eggs. We have been carefully turning them and caring for them, keeping them at a constant temperature. They are due to hatch any day now so we have our fingers crossed. What an engaging way to learn about our science focus- animal's having offspring that grow. … [Read more...]

Kung Fu!


Today we were so lucky to have UK Shaolin Temple visit us for Chinese New year celebrations. They showed us their impressive kung fu and even taught us a few moves! … [Read more...]