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The Great Fire of London


The term we are learning about the Great Fire of London, in 1666. As part of science day today we explored what fire needs and even built some houses to burn! We put them close together and made them out of paper (wood) and straw, just like the conditions of London in 1666. … [Read more...]

Colour mixing


In KS1 we have been mixing primary colours to experiment with tinting. We really enjoyed being able to calculate and predict new colours and even gave them our own names! … [Read more...]

Glitter bugs!


KS1 were so fortunate today to have another visit from Dr Cathie. She explained all about germs and how to wash our hands like a surgeon would! We tested ourselves with UV cream and took a before and after look. What a great way to end our healthy heroes topic! … [Read more...]

Superhero stories


Well done Beech base. This week we wrote some incredible super hero stories all inspired by one mystery picture. We are all rightly very proud of ourselves :) … [Read more...]