The Vikings have Arrived


Australasia have shown great enthusiasm for their new topic - the Vikings.  Their home-learning projects were truly amazing, so thank you parents for your support. We look forward to our end of term topic celebration when we will be burning a Viking boat! On this day, the children will be wearing their costumes again, so please keep them safe. … [Read more...]

The Secret Garden – Science Morning


Year 3 and Year 4 had a great time at the University Secret Garden. They learnt about habitats, life cycles and even did some pond dipping! When they got back, the children made graphs to present the data they collected.   … [Read more...]

Sandwich Day


Australasia had a great morning making their sandwiches from around the world. They designed and made healthy fillings based on a cuisine from around the world. They thought about balanced diets and carefully considered their designs. Julian said "I liked sandwich day because we had lots of fun and designing our packaging was exciting." Stanley said "I really liked THANDWICH THURSDAY becuase we … [Read more...]

Pond Dipping


 Australasia had a great time in the pond area. They looked at all  the different creatures and plants in the pond and then researched what they found using the internet. Amazingly, they caught some newts! As these are protected creatures, they had to be very careful when looking at it, and they discussed the importance of looking after this special area of the school. … [Read more...]