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Excellent Egyptian Holiday Home Learning!


The first day back saw us inundated with high quality home learning all around the topic of 'The Egyptians'.  Children were asked to research and create something related to our new topic.  The originality and creativity really shone through, with mummified bears, detailed god masks, as well as brilliantly detailed posters.   As a result, the main classroom display is now packed full of … [Read more...]

Cats Topic Launch Day


In Year 3/4 on Monday we launched our new 'Cats' topic with an exciting surprise morning of activities for the children to take part in.  Children had the opportunity to use their movement and gymnastic skills to create original group cat dances in the hall.  In addition, they explored how cats have been used in the arts, specifically looking at the musical 'Cats' and the famous … [Read more...]

A Tasty Design!


In Australasia this term we have been investigating, designing and making packaging linked to our 'Under the Sea' topic - fish and chips packaging to be precise! Firstly, we looked at how and why packaging was made, specifically thinking about purpose, function and other aesthetic attributes. Then we made mood boards to start gathering ideas for themes for our very own fish and chips … [Read more...]

A colourful start to the year!

In Australasia, we have begun our Under the Sea topic by practising our colour mixing skills in Art.  Eventually we will be creating fantastic underwater scenes.  But first, we need to ensure that we hone our paintbrush skills and understand clearly how to create a range of colours.  We are also looking at existing underwater artwork and seeing if we can carefully colour match the artist's … [Read more...]