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This week, Australasia have been learning about remembrance. Today, they were lucky enough to look at Mr Gordon's grandfathers medals that he received after WW1. The children have looked at imagery in war poems and are learning a poem to perform to the other classes. … [Read more...]

Stone Age Day


Inspired by images of cave paintings from the Stone Age, Australasia spent the morning at the secret garden collecting berries. They came back to school and used natural materials to make paints using techniques that would have been used in the Stone Age. … [Read more...]

Jessie adventure stories

Australasia wrote some fabulous adventure stories in the last week of term. After studying 'when Jessie came across the sea', they thought about alternative endings for their own stories. Some very interesting plots including Jessie encountering shark infested waters and her boat hitting an ice burg! Lots of these will be published in the children's best books. … [Read more...]

Excellent Egyptian Holiday Home Learning!


The first day back saw us inundated with high quality home learning all around the topic of 'The Egyptians'.  Children were asked to research and create something related to our new topic.  The originality and creativity really shone through, with mummified bears, detailed god masks, as well as brilliantly detailed posters.   As a result, the main classroom display is now packed full of … [Read more...]