The Water Cycle


For the past few weeks, Asia class have been learning in depth about the water cycle. Most of us already knew the basic story of water's journey from sea to sky to land, but we found out this year that it's actually a lot more complicated than that! For example, we learnt that the scientific word for water falling from the clouds to the earth as rain, hail or snow is called precipitation. We … [Read more...]

Maya Chocolate Champions!


Did you know that we have the Ancient Maya to thank for chocolate? Historians believe they were the first civilisation to discover cocoa, harvesting the pods and making the beans into a liquid that would become a tasty treat. In Year 5/6, we've been studying the Maya since the beginning of term, and what better excuse do we need to celebrate the end of SATS week than to design and make our own … [Read more...]

The Ancient Maya


 Our topic this term is the Ancient Maya, a civilisation who lived in Central America over 1000 years ago. We have been learning about what their cities were like, how their culture was discovered by European explorers, and using artefacts to figure out what life might have been like for them. We've also been learning about their writing system: the Ancient Maya used glyphs (a bit like … [Read more...]

Our Cosmic Space Topic!


This term we have been reading the book 'Cosmic'. This is a story about a boy called Liam, who is so tall that his mother has to get a chair to reach up to his head and top measure it. He's so tall, he even got mistaken for an adult and ended up going up into space! We used the book as an inspiration in Literacy to write a short story scene about a character going to space. In addition to that, … [Read more...]