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Buzzing About Electricity


This half-term in science, we have been learning about circuits and have experimented with batteries (also known as cells), wires, bulbs,motors,buzzers and switches.Circuits are lots of electrical equipment connected to a battery with wires to make something happen, for example light up a bulb or make a motor spin. We had to use a special circuit called a control circuit, and another circuit which … [Read more...]

How Our Home Appliances REALLY Work!


Our topic this term is inventions. For the last couple of weeks, we have been writing about how electrical appliances work  - as this also links into our science focus of circuits and our topic of inventions. Perhaps you thought that inside your dishwasher was a complicated electrical circuit. You were wrong! Year 5/6 have been thinking of ways to explain how the electrical appliances in your … [Read more...]

The Story of Cereal


The last two weeks in DT, we have been looking at cereal and its history. We have learnt about Kellogg's and its founders, William and John Kellogg, and how an experiment of a new cereal gone wrong led to the invention of cornflakes and the hundreds of different cereals we know now. Firstly, on the iPads, we looked at a Powerpoint about the history of Kellogg's and how it started out as a heath … [Read more...]

Visit From A 1914 Ford


Up until Christmas, we are learning about inventions and inventors. On Tuesday a 1914 Ford Model T came in and we learnt about the amazing invention that is the modern day car and who invented it. Henry Ford was the person who set up the Ford company. We learnt that before the starter motor was used in 1915, you had to use a starter crank to get the engine going. We got to see inside the car and … [Read more...]