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The Titanic Disaster


 This term, Year 5/6 have been learning all about the Titanic, the cruise liner that left Southampton in April 1912 to head for New York, but sadly never arrived as it hit an iceberg and sank. We started the unit by going up to the Common and measuring out the length and width of the Titanic on a field. Although it seemed quite large (it was the largest ship of the time, after all!), most … [Read more...]

Year 6 Bug Hotels!


This week, Asia have been learning about insects! We identified the main features of insects (such as their head, thorax, abdomen and antennae) and went outside with pooters to see what minibeasts we could find in the school grounds. On Tuesday morning, we went out again and built bug hotels! Working in groups of ten, we put together brick and wooden frames, then filled the gaps with bamboo … [Read more...]

MOOT Projects Complete!


Since January, every child in Year 5/6 has been working on their own personal project, and today was the day that we were finally able to show off what we've achieved! Our MOOT projects (Managing Our Own Time) have helped us to take charge of our own learning: we were given ten hours to plan, research, draft and present a written project based on whatever topic we chose, and the results were … [Read more...]

Antarctic Explorers


Since the beginning of term, Asia class have been learning about Antarctica, with a focus on famous explorer Ernest Shackleton. In 1914, he led an expedition to the continent, with the hope of being in the first team of people to cross it. Unfortunately, his adventure didn't go as planned, and his team ended up having to spend two years stranded there! We have been using coordinates to track … [Read more...]