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Our Cosmic Space Topic!


This term we have been reading the book 'Cosmic'. This is a story about a boy called Liam, who is so tall that his mother has to get a chair to reach up to his head and top measure it. He's so tall, he even got mistaken for an adult and ended up going up into space! We used the book as an inspiration in Literacy to write a short story scene about a character going to space. In addition to that, … [Read more...]

Bicarbonate of Soda Volcanoes


On the first week back of term, Asia class created bicarbonate of soda volcanoes. Since then, we have learned many different things about volcanoes, but this was our favourite because we could actually make something.  They were really fun and satisfying to watch. This is how we made them: - First we filled a plastic bottle with powder paint to make the eruption more lava like. - Then we … [Read more...]

Buzzing About Electricity


This half-term in science, we have been learning about circuits and have experimented with batteries (also known as cells), wires, bulbs,motors,buzzers and switches.Circuits are lots of electrical equipment connected to a battery with wires to make something happen, for example light up a bulb or make a motor spin. We had to use a special circuit called a control circuit, and another circuit which … [Read more...]

How Our Home Appliances REALLY Work!


Our topic this term is inventions. For the last couple of weeks, we have been writing about how electrical appliances work  - as this also links into our science focus of circuits and our topic of inventions. Perhaps you thought that inside your dishwasher was a complicated electrical circuit. You were wrong! Year 5/6 have been thinking of ways to explain how the electrical appliances in your … [Read more...]