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What has entered the school?


Ash believe that a dinosaur entered the school building early this morning, at around 1am. Based upon the evidence in school and research conducted, Ash are certain that it was a t-rex.   The footprints discovered in Ash, Maple and Beech clearly resembled those of a t-rex print. The size, as well as three toes on each print, were signs of evidence that this species of dinosaur had been in … [Read more...]

The Ash Cafe makes MEGA MONEY!


The day has been one of greatness! This morning, all of Ash were chefs in the production of many banana cakes! The sweet scent of greatness wafted through the Infant Department as the cakes cooked! This afternoon, we prepared for the Healthy Café, as our classroom was transformed into 'The Ash Cafe'! Shopkeepers waited in anticipation of the sales that they would make! Children welcomed the … [Read more...]

KS1 Parent Reading Meeting!

Fruits of Reading

Thank you to those who attended the 'KS1 Parent Reading Meeting' earlier today! If you weren't able to attend, there was a flier with the 'Fruits of Reading' on, which your child's class teacher will have! Please ask if you'd like one! The children develop as readers across all of the 'Fruits of Reading'. When sharing book and texts at home, there may be a particular fruit that you can focus … [Read more...]

Science Day in Year 1/2

Science Day

The children had a wonderful Science Day today! They explored 'survival' in humans and animals, in relation to what animals need to stay alive and healthy, and also learnt about 'adaptation'! A super day of learning! The children's day began with the visit of Mrs Cathie, a paediatrician doctor! She explored what children and adults need to do to stay healthy and safe! It was a super talk, and a … [Read more...]