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…Batman enjoys chicken nuggets…..!?!


What an interesting Big Write this morning! Yr1/2 were greeted with a nearing life-size image of some well-known superheroes! However, they were seen to be doing something they're not so well known for...lunching!! The children interrogated the picture, firstly working out who was in it, describing those characters, and then working out what they were doing! Some wonderful stories, character … [Read more...]

Superhero beginning to the week!


What a brilliant beginning to our new topic: 'Super Healthy Heroes' for Year 1 and 2 on Monday! The children embarked upon Hero Training, undertaking a variety of exercises at Super Training College! They did Power Training with AquaGirl, and developed skills of strength, teamwork, concentration and listening while doing a variety of physical games including: Green Hornet, The Shield, and … [Read more...]

Teddy Bear’s Picnic


We had a fantastic time at our Teddy Bear's Picnic in Ash Base. Everyone enjoyed a tasty snack, we had fun playing some games, listening to music and we even had some teddy bear stories. Unfortunately the weather stopped us from enjoying the great outdoors, but we still had fun! … [Read more...]

Learning about continents


Today in Ash Base we had an amazing time learning about the continents, finding them in the atlas and then then writing them up onto our own world maps. Well done everyone! Super work :) … [Read more...]