Mr Grinling received the letter…


This week, an evidential photograph revealed that the seagulls' letter had been received by Mr Grinling. The seagulls' letter of apology for eating Mr Grinling's lunch has been read by Mr Grinling, and he is preparing a reply. The children went into role as Mr Grinling as the letter was delivered to the lighthouse, and opened the letter! They will be writing replies to the seagulls in role as … [Read more...]

…Year 1/2 are training dragons!


It's a busy week for Year 1/2 this week, as dragon training has commenced! Children have read about what it means to train a dragon, and written a diary entry about their day of dragon training! We have some very skilled Year 1 and Year 2 children!       … [Read more...]

Living things at the Secret Garden!

What a wonderful time we had at the Secret Garden looking for plant and animal organisms! Year 1/2 were detectives up at Southampton University's Valley Gardens, and explored the habitats in this very special garden! Children found lots of life, and took observational drawings, ready to label with features back at school! A top morning of Science learning! … [Read more...]

New Life

New Life

Year 1/2 have been learning about the concept of 'New Life' within RE this week! The children have thought about what new life means to them, and then reflected upon new life within a Christian context. We read the Easter Story, and thought about how Christians may understand new life within the story! Thinking about our School Values, we also reflected upon 'Trust' School Value, in relation to … [Read more...]