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This week Africa class have been looking at the theme of remembrance and been thinking about those who have died or been affected by war. They have been reflecting on war poetry and its meaning, and each child has created their own war poem. We have also looked in depth at 'In Flanders Field' and worked collaboratively in groups to create moving performances of the poem. … [Read more...]

British Values


Over the term we have been designing and creating sculptures to depict one of the British Values. Name of artist: Dara Sculpture: Friends Love Price: £250,000 Representative: Individual Liberty Description of work: It represents Individual Liberty because the girl makes a choice to be that person’s friend, and Individual Liberty means to make your own choice. Name of Artist: … [Read more...]

Safety at sea in PSHE

Year 3 and 4 have been looking at both 'community and belonging' in PSHE this half term, however, we enjoy planning lessons that are the children's own ideas and Benjamin in Africa thought it would be both helpful and a good link with our "When Jessie came across the sea" topic to have a PSHE lesson on safety at sea. To remind the children of the essential advice please visit the RNLI website or … [Read more...]

Austin Feedback


In literacy we have been studying 'When Jessie came across the sea' and have been exploring the characters involved within the story. As part of our learning we have been writing in character and have shown empathy towards the main character Jessie as she crosses the Atlantic to find a new life in New York. In Poland (we think) she leaves behind her grandmother, her only living relative. We have … [Read more...]