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Rotton Romans


The Spring Term has begun with two WOW days. We have: • Become gladiators with Mr Lewis • Created our very own authentic poo sticks- the Roman’s own version of toilet roll! • Researched Julius Caesar • Made tasty roman carrots and found out about some gruesome Roman foods We have also enjoyed dressing up as Romans and also begun making own gladiator shields. … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas

We have has a lovely end of term in Africa Class. We have rehearsed for and performed at two Christmas services and have reflected on the Christmas story and Jesus' birth. We recapped the story and thought about all the people involved and their likely perspective on the events that unfolded all that time ago. We enjoyed writing accounts of the birth of Jesus from different perspectives. See the … [Read more...]

Fun at Butser Farm


Our class went on an amazing trip to Butser Farm where we got to experience life as it was like for stone age people. Despite it being bitterly cold we enjoyed all the activities Butser had to offer including: cordage, fence weaving, chalk carving and digging for artefacts. We learnt al lot about the stone age and also managed to impress our guides with the knowledge we already knew! Next we … [Read more...]



This week Africa class have been looking at the theme of remembrance and been thinking about those who have died or been affected by war. They have been reflecting on war poetry and its meaning, and each child has created their own war poem. We have also looked in depth at 'In Flanders Field' and worked collaboratively in groups to create moving performances of the poem. … [Read more...]