PSHE day


Today Africa class have had a fun filled PSHE day. Our morning began with an NSPCC assembly, which we all found really interesting. We then had a surprise visitor, which was Mr King's wonderful PAT dog, Tia. She was so well behaved and friendly with all of the children. In the afternoon, we then were visited by two policemen, who were brilliant and answered the children's many, many questions! We … [Read more...]

World Book Day


We were finally able to celebrate World Book Day. Thank you for all the efforts that went into the children’s costumes today. The children had a lovely day of stories, creativity, hot chocolate and boom swapping! We hope you all enjoyed your day and are able to spend your tokens. … [Read more...]

Science Day – May the FORCE be with you!


We have had great fun looking at forces today. We have learnt what a force is (challenge your Year 3/4 child to tell you a definition) and how forces effect us in our every day lives. In the afternoon we conducted an experiment to help the Roman emperor Marcus decide on the best route for his chariots. He wanted to avoid the routes that would cause the most friction for his chariot's wheels. … [Read more...]

Rotton Romans


The Spring Term has begun with two WOW days. We have: • Become gladiators with Mr Lewis • Created our very own authentic poo sticks- the Roman’s own version of toilet roll! • Researched Julius Caesar • Made tasty roman carrots and found out about some gruesome Roman foods We have also enjoyed dressing up as Romans and also begun making own gladiator shields. … [Read more...]