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Welcome to our school! We hope you enjoy reading our blogs and getting a sense of the special place that this is! We are a school that invests in memorable learning.

Please look at the calendar of events on this website and on the Updates. Very special dates are those when Loraine Lee is talking to parents about parent skills. She will provide you with an opportunity to look into the crystal ball of child rearing and peer into the future. The talks include secondary school and the ‘teenage years’. The first meeting was for new Year R parents and the response was fantastic. Please find the dates , put them in your diary and make use of these quality, free presentations. Also on the website is our new Home School Policy. It will give you an indication of key areas of learning as your child goes through the school and it links to the home learning policy .Home learning is also supported through our Highfield ‘our school ‘app. Talk Time Learning (TTL) suggestions can be found in the information section.

For information on sports funding please look under curriculum.